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The Houseknecht Family

Supported by Centerpoint Church Annapolis 2017

Chris and I met on long before it was trendy.  Nineteen months later we were married.  In the 10 and a half years and 6 kids since that infamous first date we have had our ups and downs.  Chris saw me through nursing school and I supported him during his Air Force career and Chris still supports my Army career. We have parented together, we have parented apart.  We have parented at home and abroad.  In sickness and in health takes on a whole other definition when your husband delivers your child in the front seat of your van. Raising a yours, mine and ours family is not easy, but we always make it work.

We live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with 5 of our children Abigail, 11, Jack, 8, Harper, 6, Sawyer 4 and Finn 2.  Grace, is 16 and lives with her mom.  I am a Lactation Consultant and work as a school nurse occasionally.  Chris works from home.  In 2011, Abigail was blessed to be able to take Chris’ last name.  We talk frequently about her birth father and she has always been allowed to ask questions.  What a blessing that Chris came into Abigail’s life and has raised her as his own.  We are loud and loving family.  My heart is full but it could always become fuller.

So why adoption, isn’t 6 enough?  

As I look back, adoption has always been a part of our life.  Adoption was not in our original life plan.  In April 2016, I went to a women’s conference with some ladies from church.  I almost did not go because I did not want to be away from the kids.  While the conference was not about adoption, I kept picking up the theme of adoption.  I came home, saying well maybe adoption.  I pushed it out of my head.  Every time I did, it somehow snuck back in.  (Duh it was God.)  By September 2016, it all came to light.  This adoption thing, yeah that’s what God wants me to do.  We are supposed to adopt.  We went to an information meeting, thinking, let’s just hear what it’s about.  We left the meeting and looked at each other.  We both knew.  Neither one of us has been surer of a decision in our lives.  When God tells you to do something you do it.  We are now approved and we wait.

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