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The McNeil Family

Supported by Centerpoint Church Annapolis in 2020.

We are Steve & Victoria McNeil and we along with our three children currently reside in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. We met when we were in college and dated for three years before we got married in 2004. We have always wanted to adopt since we were first married but we wanted to have biological children first and then wait till they were older to adopt. Very much to our surprise we found out we were expecting our fourth baby back in the spring of 2019. Unfortunately, we miscarried in the beginning of June and we were brought to our knees.

It was only a month and a half later that Victoria joined a private Facebook group to follow some college friend’s adventure of hosting an orphan from Colombia. Little did we know how much that Facebook group might change the course of our lives. We started researching the hosting organization (Project 143) thinking that might be our first step to hosting an orphan in the summer. However, we were continually drawn back to those photos posted of this 10-year-old boy that did not have a family of his own. We decided to step out by faith and started re-imagining our lives with an older adopted child. We started our adoption process Labor Day weekend and we are now that sweet boys chosen forever family. We should be able to bring him home in the next few months. Our children are our greatest blessings and we count it an honor and privilege to add another sweet boy to our family. We love all four of our babies with all our hearts and we know that God has great plans in store for every single one of them. So many doors have been opened throughout our adoption process and now we can’t wait to tell him how much we love him and hug on him forever. Our friends and family are our constant support and they already love him like their own. The adoption agency is Holt International. We can’t give Mary Kendall Adoption program (where our social worker is from) enough praise!! They have represented our family so well and went above and beyond for us. We are forever grateful for their love, dedication, patience & support they have shown us throughout our entire adoption journey. We are all called to love the fatherless. Here are some encouraging words that spoke volumes as to what Christ has done for us and who we are in Him.

Redeemed. Sealed. Chosen. Blessed. Forgiven. Free. 

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