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Love Gives Partners

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Consider The Lily

Manila, Philippines

Consider The Lily has rescued 81 girls total since 2011 and has 46 girls currently living in the home. We take great measures to keep every girl safe and provide all the necessities to allow every girl to be healed and restored. Watch the video of Josie Long's incredible journey starting Consider the Lily.

Freedom House Haiti

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Croix des Bouqets, Haiti

Freedom House is home to 27 children in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti who were restaveks (child slaves) and were living in extreme poverty. The children have a safe and loving place to live where they receive nutrition and a solid education.

Project 143

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Project 143 (representing the 143 million orphans around the world) is an orphan hosting organization.

Hosting is inviting an orphan child to live in your home and experience your family for 4-8 weeks over the summer or winter holidays.  It's a Mission Trip in your own home. Project One Forty Three (P143), runs the Project 143 Orphan Hope Program.   

Corporate Partners

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Reynolds Team Realty is a perfect example of how businesses and corporations can change the world using the industry they operate in. The Reynolds Team has partnered with Love Gives adoption numerous times over the years and continues to support adopting families through their generosity. Every time someone uses the Reynolds to buy or sell a home, they are helping an orphan child get one step closer to finding their forever family. 

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