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What Is Love Gives Adoption?

Donnie Reynolds
Donnie Reynolds 

Executive Director

Adopting dad of Zachery ('14) and Donovan ('17)

Love Gives Adoption started as a ministry of Centerpoint Church in Annapolis, MD.​ What was simply a one week fundraiser with no particular family and no particular goal in mind evolved into an annual effort raising over $250,000 for dozens of adopting families. 

The purpose of Love Gives Adoption has evolved from being a ministry of one church that tried to help many children, to an organization that empowers thousands of churches to support one adopting family at a time. Love Gives Adoption provides free fundraising adoption kits to churches and businesses. The average fundraising campaign raises between $5,000-$10,000. 

The vision is to empower every local church (or business) to support an adopting family by hosting an adoption fundraiser annually, and by supporting the family through the entire adoption journey. 

If you are church or business that would like to host a fundraising campaign for an adopting family, email Jaci Holmes or call 843-513-6762

Love Gives Adoption is a cup of cold water for families running the marathon race of adoption.

Our Mission

We exist to educate, advocate and raise money for adopting families. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower churches and corporations with fundraising tools to support adopting families.

For families we provide a network of adopting families who continue to journey together through prayer, shared experiences and a safe place to find wisdom to navigate an unknown journey. 

Thank You For Your Support!

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