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The Patterson Family

Supported by Centerpoint Church Annapolis in 2013

It was our honor to join Jonathan and Kimberly and their little girls (4 & 2) in their adoption story. We raised $10,000 in 2013 to support them in their international adoption. 

Take a second and read Kimberly's blog where she explains God's calling to adopt internationally thru Ethiopia a child age infant-4 years who is HIV+ You can also friend them on facebook and pray for them every step of the way.

Update- To their surprise Kimberly gave birth to, sweet baby girl Ruth Evelyn, in April of 2015.  She recently let us know that after waiting for a couple of years for Ethiopia to reopen international adoptions, they are back on the list! They are excited and hope to give us the news of their newest family member soon!  Please continue to pray for their child possibly yet to be born in Ethiopia.

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