Love Gives has always been about connecting adopting families with churches that will join them in their adoption journey. Every year Centerpoint Church has had at least one adopting family that they have financially supported through golf tournaments, kids runs, craft nights and the Love Gives envelopes that are passed out the first Sunday of November. 

In the last 10 years, Centerpoint has helped raise over $150,000 towards adoption with the mindset of doing for one, what we wished we could do for everyone. This year, Pastor Donnie Reynolds felt called away from Centerpoint to focus fully on helping other churches and corporations establish orphan care programs. The goal for love gives is to help churches in America establish yearly orphan offerings that will help fund an adoption journey connected to their own church family. One church at a time, helping one family at a time, one year at a time. 

Beyond adoption in America, Love Gives will be partnering with and starting rescue homes around the world. A rescue home is a home that rescues the most vulnerable kids out of sex trafficking and child slavery and provides a family environment for them. Rescue homes are designed to provide nurturing, attachment and holistic healing through a family environment. A great example is a home in the Philippines called Consider the Lily 

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